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Chrisanne Clover Partner
The Unicorn trend

The Unicorn trend

Fall in love with the rainbow magic of the unicorn trend this Spring Summer season and add sweet delight to your couture with a blast of pastel shades...


With its horizontal and diagonal shading you can use as an accent or go for a dynamic effect and use the full print of this beautiful fabric in your couture. Available on a matt lycra and georgette base.

What is the Unicorn Trend?

The unicorn trend is characterized by pastel colours, rainbows, iridescent hues, pearly purples and everything shimmery. Unicorns are captivating in beauty, innocent, magical and full of feminine energy. In confusing and uncertain times we are looking for things that provide some hope and positivity. I think we can all agree that nothing symbolises that more than the Unicorn.

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